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Child Services

For Children 12 & up

Fees for 2024:
$140 per 45-50 minute session

$180 per 55 minute session

$200 per 60 minute session

$180 - any session /consult involving more than one person

$250 per initial intake session

Monday - Thursday.

Please inquire about other possible time/dates.


Phone Consults:

Phone consults less than 30 minutes prorated at $3.35/minute

$100 for 30 minute phone / in person consult.


Free initial 15-minute phone consult.

4531 SE Belmont #113

Portland, OR 97215


While I respond quicker to email, please call or email me to set up an appointment or to learn more about what I offer:

(971) 277-1027

Children have a unique way of seeing the world, without the social overlays adults have. In addition, they often take on the unspoken, unconscious aspects of family dysfunctions. I strive to treat this reality with care and understanding.


Adults tell children what to do all-day and everyday, with the practical and appropriate intention of keeping them safe. However, this also has the effect of leaving children frustrated, or without a way to communicate appropriate concerns and desires. The children I have worked with have found therapy to be a refreshing change in which they have a chance to speak their mind, to ask questions, and to control the tempo and pacing of their treatment.


As much as possible, I include parents in on the process of treatment, and I ask to meet with parents either separately or together, depending upon feasibility. Parents will be expected to respond and work with the changes in the relationship with their children that therapy inevitably begins to shift.


During the sessions it’s often too difficult for a child to sit and talk like an adult would in the therapy session, therefore the use of puzzles, board games, and other enjoyable methods allow a child to relax and feel comfortable. It’s through this process that I develop a trusting relationship with a child. This trust takes time to establish, but provides a foundation to be able to talk about issues as they arise. In playing games, for example, I’m able to intuit, infer and observe how a child interacts with peers and other adults. I share what I learn with parents to form goals, realistic methods of treatment, and time frames in order to reach these goals.


Overall, I establish to not only provide a place of acceptance and comfort, but I seek to help children be more comfortable with themselves within a place of acceptance. This growth opens a child up for further growth and healing.


My extensive experience working with teachers and parents at schools allows me to easily consult and implement strategies that can bridge the classroom /therapy separation. I am able to approach situations from a psycho-educational/ consultation model.


I work best with children between ages 8-14, although I make exceptions for children slightly younger and slightly older. I also have a specialty in working with high schools students dealing with the stress of the college application process. Common issues I see children for include: social pressures, bullying, stress and anxiety, problems related to learning and the school environment, depression, ADHD, PTSD and times of transition including families coping with divorce. Below, I’ve highlighted some areas of focus.


High School Juniors and Seniors applying to college

The college application process is the most significant and stress-provoking time in many children’s lives. It can aggravate latent depression, anxiety as well as lower self-esteem or cause a loss of belief in one’s abilities. However, these times can also provide opportunities to hone one’s values and priorities. Learning coping skills at this age can be used at a later point in life, whether applying for a job, or dealing with adversity that inevitably comes in the future. Madeline Levin and the Challenge Success program affiliated with Stanford provide evidence-based research that supports my approach.


Children of Divorce
Children often have a difficult time making sense of their parents getting a divorce. It’s not uncommon for children to blame themselves, or have latent personal issues surface during the trying process of divorce. I have years of experience working with children from families dealing with divorce, and can provide a safe and confortable place for children to work through the situation with which they are coping.


Mindfulness/ Meditation
I incorporate aspects of mindfulness meditation in my work. Meditation is a secular practice that can co-exist with any religious background as well as the absence of any religious beliefs. Not only does this practice provide greater calm in the face of anxiety, but in time, can bring greater awareness of the present moment. This skill is invaluable in examining thoughts and feelings and their origins. An awareness of the present moment can allow for greater choice of how one might want to be in the world, as well as what one might want to derive from life.

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