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Adult Services

Fees for 2024:
$140 per 45-50 minute session

$180 per 55 minute session

$200 per 60 minute session

$180 - any session /consult involving more than one person

$250 per initial intake session

Monday - Thursday.

Please inquire about other possible time/dates.


Phone consults less than 30 minutes prorated at $3.35/minute

$100 for 30 minute phone / in person consult.


Free initial 15-minute phone consult.

4531 SE Belmont #113

Portland, OR 97215


While I respond quicker to email, please call or email me to set up an appointment or to learn more about what I offer:

(971) 277-1027

Areas and Topics of Focus


I have expertise with people of color and men of all backgrounds and children (see Child Services page). Below is a list of areas of specialty:


Social anxiety
Helping people with difficulty in social situations and the anxiety future situations might cause, or the inability to stop thinking about past social situations that did not turn out the way one had hoped.


As a person of color, I welcome the various dimensions that diversity might present itself in one’s life: be it gender, culture, race, LGBT, disabilities, etc. Almost everyone is part of groups that are privileged or oppressed. One can derive strength from becoming aware of those areas. These issues can surface when new family members come into our lives that might be of a different culture or racial group. Perhaps one’s child or relative has come out as LGBT, and a client needs to process this. Diversity goes beyond a person’s skin color or cultural background, and has many dimensions by which it can present itself.


Times of transition tend to bring to the surface the tension and issues that might have been previously unexplored. I specialize in assisting people through these times of transition and help people become more aware of the issues that present themselves.


Dream work
I believe that dreams can tell us a lot about our lives, and can provide us with direction, unfulfilled wishes, and other thoughts that we might not be consciously be aware. I have a rich understanding of symbols and myths of many cultures that I am able to draw from. But truly, any dream exploration begins with one’s openness to accessing their dreams, and one’s own interpretation of the message the dream might be sending.


Mindfulness/ Meditation
I incorporate aspects of mindfulness meditation in my work. Meditation is a secular practice that can co-exist with any religious background as well as the absence of any religious beliefs. Not only does this practice provide greater calm in the face of anxiety, but in time, can bring greater awareness of the present moment. This skill is invaluable in examining thoughts and feelings and their origins. An awareness of the present moment can allow for greater choice of how one might want to be in the world, as well as what one might want to derive from life.


Male Psychology
Gender roles have changed and are continuing to change. This is great for everyone. However, it can also lead to challenges to redefine how one thinks of masculinity, and how it impacts things like being a father, a husband, son, friend, etc. These issues tend to be at the core of men looking to make career moves. Exploring how one’s outlook and past experiences might inhibit personal and professional goals. I often draw on mythology and metaphor to help clients navigate this path through uncertainty.


College students
I have years of experience working with college students as they embrace the post-adolescent possibilities of their unfolding lives. I appreciate the energy and potential of young adults transitioning from child to adult, navigating the exciting and sometimes confusing world of collegiate life. The pressures of academic expectations are made more challenging with pressures of social life and having to make decisions as an adult.

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